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Employees wanted to feel safe enough to be vulnerable with each other, depend on each other to get work done on time, and structure the team so that everyone knew what they were doing. It was also important for work to be personally important to employees and that their work would create a type of change. Project Aristotle, lastly, allowed for more diversity of ideas and collective commitment. Employees were able to support each other’s work and ideas that contributed to their tasks. A larger diversity of ideas, along with psychological safety, allowed employees to feel comfortable enough to present their own ideas and decisions for the team. I do believe that Project Aristotle’s results were accurate. Google employees now had a method for, “Talking about our insecurities, fears and aspirations in more constructive ways. It also has given us the tools to quickly teach lessons that once took managers decades to absorb” Duhigg, 2016. I believe an effective team could not exist without psychological safety, dependability, structure and clarity, meaning, and impact. Each factor, honestly, depends on each other and the effectiveness of the team. One of the most effective teams that I have worked with was the team I had when I planned my fraternity’s faculty dinner.